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Silverlight 2 Tools – Offline Installation

Posted by Ramprasad Navaneethakrishnan on March 3, 2009


Ever wondered why the error “Hash value is not correct. ” is coming while installing Silverlight Tools?  This is because, while installing Silverlight Tools, the setup tries to download silverlight developer runtime, ‘Silverlight.2.0_Developer.exe’ from internet. If you have an internet connection, a connection that does not block downloading exe’s then you should not face any problem during the installation. But if you are not connected to internet, or your firewall blocks downloading exe’s, then you will get this error – “Hash value is not correct.”

So how to install Silverlight Tools offline, without internet connection?

The solution is simple..

1. Download Silverlight tools and Silverlight developer runtime from a computer that has internet connection.

2. Go to command prompt

3. Navigate to the folder containing the Silverlight tools setup “Silverlight_Tools.exe“.

4. Run the command Silverlight_Tools.exe/x.

5. The windows will show a popup that asks for a location to extract files. Specify a location. The tools setup now extracts all the contents to this location

6. Paste the setup ‘Silverlight.2.0_Developer.exe’ in the above mentioned location. Now the ‘Silverlight Tools offline installation package‘ is ready!

7.  Go to the computer(the one without  internet connection)where you want to install Silverlight tools.

8. Paste the Silverlight Tools offline installation package.

9.  Run SPInstaller.exe (this is present inside the package)

10.  Now you can see the message ‘Installation completed successfully’.


Let me know your comments please..




8 Responses to “Silverlight 2 Tools – Offline Installation”

  1. arun said

    thanks a lot….

  2. sanjay said

    Thanks Ramprasad

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  4. David said

    Wohoo!, thank you!

  5. Claudio said

    Worked a treat thanks heaps.

  6. Nyarfeé said

    thanks a lot…

  7. flars said

    thanks comrade =)

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