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Debugging Silverlight Application

Posted by Ramprasad Navaneethakrishnan on March 5, 2009

Yesterday, few of my collegues tried their hands on Silverlight application for the first time and they faced this issue, a simple one which will be faced by most of the Silverlight novices. The issue  is “Debugger not getting hit in the Silverlight project . So why is this? How to solve this?


All Silverlight applications will have a hosting application which will be an ASP.NET web application..

1. Right click the ASP.NET web application – -> Properties

2. In the properties window, select the tab Web.

3. In the debugger’s section, check the Silverlight checkbox.


4. Save the project properties.

5. Hit F5. Now you will be able to debug the Silverlight project

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19 Responses to “Debugging Silverlight Application”

  1. Shubh Raj said

    This is working. Thank you

  2. WOrks!! Thanks for the tip, saved me some time.

  3. You saved me life. thank you

  4. Ivan Petrus said

    Yes it works.Many thanks

  5. Raj said

    Thanks..It works:)

  6. anjaiah said

    this does not work for me, i am still looking the fix for this, however when i uncheck this check box it is working but i am not able to debug the application.

  7. Works! Saved my day, thanks a lot.
    Also works in VS 2010 with Silverlight Tools 4 installed (which is my setup).

  8. Srini said

    This worked great , thanks so much

  9. Harry said

    Helpful Info, thanks.

  10. Augustin said

    Many thanks, man.

  11. fapi said

    doesn’t work yet, I create a new SL3 solution, and run in debug mode and then my breakpoints are NOT hit. what should i do?

  12. Vikas said


  13. Radhika said

    Thanks a bunch. This saved me a lot of time. Picture worth a thousand words.

  14. Ram said

    Thanks it works

  15. bhanu said

    Thanks a lot…

  16. Alpesh said

    Hi, I am also unable to debug the application. and VS doesnt hit the break points.

  17. Many thanks indeed…..

  18. Javed said

    It did not work for me. I am using silverlight 3 and ASP.NET 4

  19. Javed said

    It worked on IE but not on firefox with VS 2010

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